Tequila and margaritas have been my cocktail of choice for many years, but it wasn't until just a few years ago I did my first real tequila tasting with my good buddy Paul. It was then I discovered, I knew very little about the long, rich, history of tequila. I also then vowed to discover what I hadn't known and throughout my journey I have found a new respect for tequila and its history and wish to share the wonder.


Did you know?

Mayahuel is known as the ancient goddess of the agave plant and it is told that she sent a bolt of lightning to the earth; the burning agave plants had the sweet aroma of browning sugar, the locals smelled and tasted the oozing syrup from the plant, and Tequila was born.

Thank you Mayahuel

Whether sipping it straight, as a tequila cocktail, or, OK, as a shot, savor and enjoy...

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